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best marijuana seed banks usa

Even if you have been using marijuana for some time, if you are new to growing the different naming conventions of the seeds can be quite confusing. Here is a bit of a breakdown:

It has been a wonderful couple of years for marijuana enthusiasts, with it now being easier than ever to grow your own plants across Canada and certain parts of the US. However, in order to grow quality marijuana plants, you are going to need quality seeds. And getting your hands on said seeds can be easier said than done, with suppliers seeming to multiply on a yearly basis and the internet offering no shortage of misleading information that can be difficult to navigate – all of this means that finding the best marijuana seed bank is no easy task.

7. SeedSupreme

But complicated doesn’t necessarily mean difficult – with a little time, patience and attention, anybody can grow top-notch marijuana at home.


Once you’re armed with the knowledge of great companies to support, there can still be quite a bit of mystery that comes along with buying marijuana seeds online. Let’s break it down:

Even though ILGM is based in Europe, they also ship from a US warehouse.

Many marijuana seed banks offer incentives to purchase your marijuana seeds with Bitcoin cash, so it’s definitely the recommended payment method.

Large strain selection, low cost for seeds

They offer the largest selection of top-shelf strains online (over 4,000! ) and have some of the lowest prices I could find, too.

When this happens, it’s nice to know the seed bank you ordered from has good customer service and will take care of you.

However, it seems that Herbies like to apply big discounts to orders the more you spend with them: