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best greenhouse marijuana seeds

Blue Dream Auto is a hybrid with a lemony and wood-smoke aroma and a taste with hints of citronella, cedar, woodland berries and Haze. The result is a long-lasting, powerful high that provides clarity and promotes conversation and socialization. For Haze enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Northern Lights combines an uplifting high with a massive stone resulting in a very balanced and long-lasting buzz.

2. Gorilla Glue

Before investing in a greenhouse, it’s a good idea to think about all the problems often involved with growing weed outdoors. Unpredictable weather, nosy neighbours, marijuana theft, exposure to diseases and pests, insect cross-pollination that could ruin your perfect strain – all these could lead to a poor harvest and ruin your efforts.

Super Silver Haze has scents and flavors that are best described as pine and fruity, which provide a sense of well-being after smoking. This feeling is loved by most smokers, which explains the popularity of Super Silver Haze. The finest effects of Super Silver Haze are euphoria, energy, bursts of creativity, increased appetite and a full-body high.

Gorilla Glue was bred explicitly for maximum THC content, and the flavour of Gorilla Glue can be a bit bland compared to other strains. The high is very gentle – an initial euphoric rush leading into several hours of mild relaxation.

Before jumping in growing cannabis, beginners need to thoroughly understand the type of cannabis seeds that they are able to take care of as well as suit their needs.
For beginner growers, we recommend that you choose the Autoflower strains. They are a combination of Sativa/ Indica strain and ruderalis, resulting in a strain that automatically flowers without much light exposure.
Beginner growers also need to be careful about selecting cannabis seeds from reputable sources. The quality seed will give you a head start.

For beginner growers, you need to fill your gaps of experience with serious research. Growing cannabis is quite similar to other crops, but it also requires you to have the proper care.

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#2 Avoid insects and mold

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse is an ideal choice for areas with harsh and unstable climates. When growing cannabis in greenhouse, growers can control the environment easily.
When grown in a greenhouse, cannabis can also avoid the effects of heavy rainfalls or sunny days, not to mention the harsh climate of the repeated zone.
Although setting up a greenhouse can be more difficult than growing cannabis outdoors or indoors. However, growers do not have to invest as much in equipment to care for cannabis as they do in the indoor. Growers can still take advantage of outdoor lighting and temperatures when needed.

As we mentioned above, you must have somehow understood the importance of this factor. When beginner growers set up greenhouses, setting up an environmental control system for cannabis plants is also needed.
Cannabis grows best in preferred temperatures and humidity. To achieve the highest yield and obtain the best quality buds, growers really need to set up devices that can control the temperature, humidity and air in the greenhouse.

As the demand for using and growing cannabis increased, people thought of how to grow them in a greenhouse. Growing cannabis in a greenhouse will help growers commercialize their products, thereby making them more profitable than growing cannabis indoors.
However, not all strains are suitable for growing in greenhouses. And Autoflower Strains are the best strain as growers can harvest cannabis year-round without interruption.
Therefore, if you want to grow your commercial greenhouse, growers should learn about the best strains to grow in a greenhouse on the list below.

Cannabis is heavy feeders, so growers need to provide the nutrients they need to grow fully. These could be organic matter or fertilizers or additional chemicals that are suitable for a cannabis strain.
Especially at the end of the growing cycle, growers should flush them by feeding water with a pH of 5.8 to 6.2. Many beginner growers are unaware of this practice and cause cannabis to contain residual salts.

The Greenhouse Seed Company is certainly one of the most renowned businesses in the cannabis seed market, and responsible, for creating some of the best-performing cannabis strains the world has ever seen. Their cannabis strains won 40 High Times Cannabis Cups, 17 Highlife Cups, and many other international awards over the years clearly indicating that their seeds rank among the best. This company has continuously extended their activities by developing a feeding line, producing documentaries about the hunt for landrace strains, or launching, a video platform made for growers. Several coffeshops in Amsterdam complete their range of services and allow customers from all across the globe to taste the strains they created. Arjan, the founder of Greenhouse Seeds, started to collect genetics from landrace strains more than 25 years ago resulting in an extensive genetic database. Outstanding strains like Great White Shark, Super Silver Haze or Himalaya Gold are just a few examples of first-rate cannabis varieties that propagated out of their R+D department in Amsterdam. If you’re curious about what strains other customers of Zativo purchase, then take a look at our Top 5 ranking of the best-selling feminized strains by Greenhouse Seeds.

Ladyburn 1974 is an indica-dominant crossing of Jack Herer and Ice Dream. It’s not overly surprising to see another strain with Jack Herer genetics in our Top 5 ranking of feminized strains by Greenhouse Seeds. The influence of Ice Dream intensifies the body stone that can be felt almost instantly after taking the first hits and is followed by a long-lasting high that fades away slowly. Ladyburn 1974 has a flowering period of 9 weeks and can produce indoor yields of up to 800g/m² in ideal conditions. This variety is perfectly suitable to be grown in a ScrOG and preserves a lot of Sativa characteristics inherited from Jack Herer. The genetic makeup consists of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genetics, giving Ladyburn 1974 the suitability to be grown by beginners or experts alike. Heavy outdoor yields of up to 1000g per plant are ready for harvest in early October, and lab results showed THC levels of 21.8%. Ladyburn 1974 is a great strain to grow and understandingly a popular choice among Zativo’s customers – the level of frostiness in late flowering is ridiculous and amazingly beautiful at the same time.

1. Super Critical (Greenhouse Seeds)

Super Lemon Haze won tweemaal op rij de eerste plaats in de High Times Cannabis Cup. Deze Haze hybride won haar eerste HTCC in 2008 en wederom in 2009 en dat is iets dat niet veel andere soorten hebben gepresteerd, op Super Silver Haze na, toevallig een van de basisplanten van Super Lemon Haze. Het is niet onredelijk aan te nemen dat SSH deels verantwoordelijk is voor het succes van Super Lemon Haze op deze evenementen en ook voor de populariteit onder Zativo’s klanten. Super Silver Haze won drie opeenvolgende High Times Cannabis Cups op rij, maar dan wel tien jaar eerder, namelijk in 1997, 1998 en 1999. Greenhouse Seeds besloot Super Silver Haze te kruisen met Lemon Skunk, een hybride van Las Vegas Lemon Skunk en een niet bekend gemaakte Dutch Skunk variant. Lemon Skunk won ook twee belangrijke prijzen, namelijk de HighLife Cup in 2007 en de Spannabis Champions Cup in 2008. Opgeteld hebben de genen van Super Lemon Haze en de basisplanten maar liefst zeven eerste plaats overwinningen behaald! Rokers kunnen een krachtige high verwachten, goed gebalanceerd tussen lichamelijk en cerebraal en een verse mix van citroensmaken, gemend met die uitgesproken Haze smaak. Super Lemon Haze heeft een bloeiperiode van 10 weken, reageert goed op LST en de ScrOG methode en produceert tot 800g/m² in ideale omstandigheden. Onafhankelijke laboratoriumresultaten hebben torenhoge THC niveaus laten zien van maar liefst 25%!

Super Silver Haze already helped Super Lemon Haze to climb almost all the way to the top of our sales ranking. It’s a true breeding miracle created by Shantibaba and Neville Schoenmakers while they were still working with Greenhouse Seeds back in the 1990’s. It remains one of the best sativa-dominant strains ever released and is still available in many Dutch coffeeshops today. There’s not a single strain that ever managed to win three High Times Cannabis Cups in a row expect for Super Silver Haze – epic-winning at the HTCC 1997,1998, and 1999! The great thing about Super Silver Haze is that it offers an acceptable compromise between growing a classic Haze, stabilized with about 25% Skunk, and 25% Northern Lights. These strains brought a lot of vigour into this crossing, reduced the flowering time to 10-11 weeks, and managed to increase yields substantially. Super Silver Haze produces indoor yields of up to 800g/m² and outdoor harvests of up to 1500g per plant, assuming ideal conditions and a skillful cultivator. This strain does very well in a ScrOG where growers can take full advantage of the long and strong side branches. The high starts off with a fast-hitting, strong Sativa high in which smokers may experience a brightening of colours and sharpening of sounds, but this experience slowly shifts towards a physical stone as time progresses.

Super Critical is an undefeatable champion when it comes to sales here at Zativo. It’s an indica-dominant crossing of Big Bud, Skunk, and White Widow well known for producing excessive yields and a deeply relaxing, almost narcotic, body stone. Greenhouse Seeds crossed Super Bud, a fusion of Big Bud and Skunk No.1, with White Widow, which resulted in a highly stable strain that can also be grown by novices. Indoor yields of up to 800g/m² is the maximum production potential growers can reach in 8 weeks of flowering. Super Critical is a high-efficiency strain that helps growers to achieve a gram-per-watt ratio they never thought would be possible. High yields are feasible by growing this strain in either a SoG or a ScrOG, depending on personal preference. Super Critical grows medium-tall, has the tendency to develop lots of strong branches, and can reach a critical mass of 1200g per plant when grown outdoors, assuming ideal conditions. If one strain deserves its popularity than its Super Critical by Greenhouse Seeds, not only for generously filling one curing glass after another but also for providing fast-hitting and physical effects of the strongest kind.