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benefits of marijuana seed oil

As a rich source of vitamin E, a powerful natural preservative and antioxidant, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier so that valuable moisture remains locked-in and skin is protected against environmental stress factors.

What is the difference between cannabis, hemp and marijuana?

What is hemp?

What does Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil do for the skin?

Naturally moderates oil production

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is an herbaceous oil cold pressed from hemp seeds and has long been recognised for its use as a food and beauty ingredient. The use of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil in skincare products has grown in popularity over the last few years as a result of an increasing consumer interest in using the power of plants in skincare formulations. This naturally green oil is composed of up to 90% omega fatty acids. Unlike CBD oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is mainly found in skincare products thanks to its powerful hydrating properties and abundant antioxidants.

Suitable for all skin types

The cannabis plant is a plant that can be used for various different things – some people consume it purely recreationally, whereas others take advantage of its multiple properties in order to directly or indirectly treat their illnesses or diseases. One of the most used systems when it comes to medicinal marijuana is cannabis oil, which contains the same properties as the plant but is the easiest extract to use. Today, we’re going to talk about 10 health benefits of cannabis essential oil, showing you the best ways to use it and what you can get from it medicinally speaking.

In the same way that our endocannabinoid system can help reduce pain, it can also reduce how much dopamine levels fall in the brain, which is the main cause of Parkinson’s. Cannabinoid’s can stimulate dopamine production in the brain, so apart from simply fighting the symptoms it can also directly attack the illness. It’s still not a definitive remedy, and it can’t be used to completely get rid of the illness, but it can considerably reduce the gravity of symptoms such as convulsions.

Stress & anxiety relief:

Cannabis oil has essential fatty acids in it – much higher levels than the oil from any other plant, and it’s found in perfect amounts in order to be absorbed by the human body. These fatty acids, known as Omega-3 and Omega-6, are closely related to cardiovascular health, and are capable of improving the flow of your circulatory system, removing obstructions from veins, and protecting your cardiovascular system in general.

Some of the most-sold cannabis products are creams that contain cannabis oil, as it’s highly hydrating and has plenty of pain-relief properties. Home-made cannabis cream has even more curative properties than the one you can buy legally, as THC is generally legal in many countries so it’s hard to buy at its full potential. Home-made creams can be applied straight on the skin, stimulating new cell growth, disinfecting, hydrating and increasing your skin cell’s life-span. It’s perfect for dry and deteriorated skin and for fighting issues like eczema and psoriasis; it can even be used as an anti-ageing cream.

The positive effects that THC offers combined with other cannabinoids are found in various strains of cannabis (mainly sativas), and they can offer mental stimulation. These plants are capable of stimulating imagination, creativity, and even speech. Right now there are various studies going on involving cannabis as a possible way to treat autism. Thanks to how easy it is to use (a few drops under the tongue) it’s possible to treat small children with it, allowing parents to fight symptoms from the start.