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bend oregon marijuana seeds

The offerings are impressive and span heritage, Pacific Northwest staples, bioregion-specific cultivars for the backyard hobbyist, medically-minded chemovars, cup-winning contemporary designivars, and connoisseur-class flavors for discerning recreational audiences.

But when this lucky cross began taking home cups at local medical competitions, Odie’s in-house genetics became in-demand amongst those in the know. Eventually, Odie folded his Oregon Diesel into heritage favorites of the Pacific Northwest, like Trainwreck—resulting in Tardis —and these delicacies were distributed by third-party wholesalers and retailers.

Massive Seeds

From the sleek digital branding to the data-driven breeding program, Compound Genetics represents the now-est vision of consumer-available cannabis genetics that we can imagine. Breeders can finally look under the hood to see what makes our chronic tick thanks to improved lab access, and by doing so, a whole new world of experiences and flavors awaits.

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Dynasty Genetics ’ breeding program dates back to the 1990s when Professor P, Dynasty’s founder and proprietor, began crossing heritage Oregon strains like the Blue Magoo to create flowers with pain-relief properties for a friend. It wasn’t long before the Professor found himself developing cannabis alternatives for a variety of medical conditions.

This higher yield is created because while the seed was growing, it wasn’t under stress, as it was easily able to absorb vital nutrients and water. Even as a beginner to growing marijuana, growing plants from a seed is much easier than growing from a clone!

The appearance of the seeds you receive will tell you a lot about the quality of the product that you purchased.

Why You Should Buy Cannabis Seeds, Not Clones

In terms of temperature and lighting, regular seeds require a lot more attention to successfully cultivate your female plants. However, if you’re looking for a more natural option that hasn’t depended heavily on inbreeding, regular seeds would be a great choice for you.

After all of the hard work you’ve put into growing your marijuana plants, it’s essential that you understand when you need to harvest the crop of your buds. There are two main ways that you can tell when your cannabis plants are ready to be harvested: by taking a look at the trichomes and the pistils.

Seeds do age over time, so seeds that break are typically ones that are old and way past their prime time. However, immature seeds will have a light green or white color to them. Young seeds aren’t likely to germinate, but if they do, they’ll take longer than other healthy seeds.

As the aromas of cheese and skunk waft around you, Crystal Coma marijuana will soothe away stress and anxiety for an energy-fueled and productive day. Ideal for growers with intermediate and master skills in the garden.

With the changing of the seasons, it’s very common to feel sick right around the holidays. This just so happens to be the legit worst time to get sick. Instead of playing in the snow or shopping for presents, you’re stuck in bed with the flu. Not cool. The question is, can marijuana help in this situation? The answer is sort of. When feeling sick, you may want to stick to CBD products rather than high levels of THC. CBD can may you feel less fever-y and relief sore muscles. We have a bunch of CBD-heavy marijuana strains listed on our website. Check them out and buy marijuana seeds in Bend!

Kahuna Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Kahuna is one of those very special strains that appeals to both recreational and medicinal cannabis users alike, providing soothing relaxation alongside a healthy dose of euphoria and creativity.

Durban Poison is the Adderall of the marijuana world. This pure sativa clears the mind while boosting focus, concentration, and all your senses.

Bend is one of the greenest states in the United States. Partly for its scenic nature views and partly for its marijuana consumption. Not everyone in Bend is a stoner, per se, but chances are you’ll smell marijuana a time or two just by walking the streets or driving around town. You’re certainly in the right city to buy marijuana seeds! If you don’t have the time to drive to a dispensary, we invite you to shop online for marijuana seeds.