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Don’t get screwed for your money visit Scam Cannabis to learn online buying techniques. Be secure in the knowledge you can buy marijuana seeds legally right now. Medicinal marijuana and the selling of seeds is now legal in many states and countries. Growers with government licenses need to find the best product. Mail order online purchases get processed within twenty four hours. Delivery arrives in discrete packages.

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World Marijuana Seed Banks Listings

In the ever changing world of cannabis seeds and seed breeders you will find literally 1000’s of different types of cannabis plants, each with different properties, growth rates and yields as well as distinct and different medical benefits. We can help you sort through this maze of information and help you pick out the right seeds for you.

With cannabis seeds from Sonoma Seeds, you can rest assured they are of top-quality. The company handpicks the strains to offer by selecting top quality cannabis plants that have the best genetics to grow their seeds from. The company believes that quality cannabis is derived from most naturally grown plants and this is why ‘grow organically’ is the company’s motto.

Buying marijuana seeds from Rocket Seeds is quite simple because the company accepts most payment options including PayPal, money transfers, credit cards, Bitcoin, E-checks for USA buyers, and Interac for Canadian clients. Rocket Seeds also accepts cash in the mail, which most seed banks do not accept. Rocket Seeds offers free shipping for orders that are above $200. In addition, they also offer 10 free marijuana seeds for orders exceeding $420.

Beaver Seeds is a Canadian marijuana seed bank that was established in 2009. The company has its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. Unlike most seed banks, the company only carries the most popular strains of cannabis that people want. As a result, they procure well-known strains in bulk from the best breeders and can offer customers competitive prices. Although their marijuana seeds are available at economical prices, they are of superior quality.

Beaver Seeds

The company can deliver the seed to the USA taking up to 2 weeks for regular shipping and 5 to 7 days with the express freight. The shipping process is discrete and has a 90 percent success rate since the custom in the USA are not particularly keen on packages from Canada. The company has more than 30 different seed selections with strains such as Sativa, Indica, or hybrid marijuana that have a germination rate of 80 percent. If the seeds you receive fail to grow, contact their customer service, and they will send you new seeds. Their quality of service is exceptional as they have agents available 24/7 that you can reach by phone, email or live chat on their website.

They have a website with an excellent interface, and you can view it in English, Dutch, French or Spanish. The site has features that are easy to use and comes with an active forum that is useful in answering questions to beginners. The seed bank provides a free grow bible that guides the client step by step on how to grow marijuana. They also have a YouTube channel where they showcase the different strains of the weed they have. The seed bank accepts payments made through bank wire, debit card, bitcoin, credit card, and cash. Any purchase made by bitcoins gives you a 10 percent discount. The company delivers cannabis seeds with very high discretion.

From MJ Seeds, customers can enjoy great deals including free seeds whenever they spend $100 or more from their virtual store. If you order feminized seeds, you will receive an extra 5 feminized seeds. For each order of regular seeds, customers get a bonus of 10 more regular seeds. Shipping using regular postal services across Canada and the US takes about 7 to 21 days and at least 7 days for express shipments.

To help you start your own marijuana garden, we have compiled a list of the best seed banks that ship to the USA. These companies are reputed for their exceptional selection, reliability, quality genetics, discrete shipping services, and unmatched customer service. Read on to know some of the best seed banks that ship to the USA.