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badazz cheese marijuana seeds

Badazz Cheese is an Indica-dominant strain with a compact and bushy growth structure, combining the characteristics of its two parents. It responds well to pruning and adapts easily to all growing systems: soil, hydro, or coco fibre.

Badazz Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds is a big yieldng cannabis variety created by crossing the legendary clone-only Cheese with Badazz, a high-potency hybrid ((Original Og x Afghan Kush) x Urkel) that brings its flavour and power to these feminised seeds.

Outdoors plants can become very large and productive, according to the growing conditions, and ensuring a good solar exposure will allow Badazz Cheese to express its full potential and give really heavy yields. Expect to harvest an impressive crop of premium quality flowers in late October.

Its flowering period is from 56 to 70 days, depending on the phenotype being cultivated. At harvest, ts flowers will be fully covered with a thick layer of resin which also spreads to the smaller leaves, making it an excellent choice for resin extractions. Its buds are very dense, typical of OG Kush, and its effect is powerful, causing a positive and euphoric effect, a long lasting psychedelic high.

At the organoleptic level it is characterised by its combination of Cheese on a Kush background which makes it a true delicacy with an aroma as intense as it is complex.

OG Kush has been the West Coast’s favourite strain for years, and Cheese has topped the Brit stoner wish list for even longer than that. Combining these 2 hardcore breeds should have been a no-brainer, but apparently, no one thought about it until inspiration struck Big Buddha Seeds. Now, with BadAzz Cheese Feminized Seeds, you can have those massive Cheese yields, OG Kush’s incredible smell & taste, and the combined power from both strains. That’s a triple threat!

If Big Buddha BadAzz Cheese didn’t have a bad-ass high, it wouldn’t be very bad ass. So, BB made sure that this weed seed was a killer with near-addictive potency levels. The euphoric head highs are ceiling free, perfect for those with super-high tolerance levels. The body buzz is just as strong, and lasts way longer for the ultimate chill. This is, without a doubt, the total package!

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NB: It don’t matter how bad you think you are, if you try a BadAzz Cheese grow & get caught, your azz won’t be so bad while you’re in the slammer. Keep it legal & follow the Rhino rules. That means no germination or cultivation of cannabis seeds, yo!

BadAzz Cheese Cannabis Seeds get a lot of attention due to their catchy name, but there’s plenty of substance underneath their title. Backed by both OG Kush & Big Buddha Cheese genetics, this strain oozes with flavour & aroma, plus the power & yield are both incredibly high. Ceiling free, tolerance busting, totally satisfying – those are just three ways we’d describe this over achiever. Order your BadAzz Kush Seeds today & find out for yourself!