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bad seed marijuana documentary

Bad Seed is the tale of a tiny little seed that some see as good and others believe is evil. Cannabis and hemp can drastically improve the quality of life of people suffering from a wide range of symptoms and illnesses yet people are denied relief due to marijuana’s bad reputation. Is cannabis a bad seed? Or have it’s extraordinary health benefits been unjustly suppressed by government, law enforcement and corporate manipulation? Following the story of a medical marijuana user and activist, filmmaker Shayne Metcalfe delves into the history of cannabis prohibition in Canada, the United States and Mexico over the past century. Incorporating the perspectives of law enforcement, doctors, lawyers, activists, commercial growers, medical patients, historians and entrepreneurs, Bad Seed tells the fascinating story of how one of nature’s gifts came to be vilified and provides an intriguing look at the rapidly changing marijuana landscape.

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Brilliant slow motion photography, a very natural Cinema Verite feel, photography feels very true to life, this movie entertains while being educated.

It's the weed documentary without all the residue! It's a film that can be enjoyed by consumers and non consumers alike!

I already agreed with medical marijuana and even decriminalization (the film talks about what it costs us to keep arresting people and I have better things to spend my money on), but I guess I assumed there was some kind of relevant reason for weed's bad reputation. Very interesting film.

This film is an intimate call to action, a story that must be heard and shared again and again. Shayne's passion, dedication and perseverance bring together a compelling group of activists that believe the time for change is now! The multi-layering of personal stories combine to create a clear and concise history of a seed that is forever changing and shaping the face of human and planetary history.

Loved it. If, like me, you've never questioned why marijuana is illegal, you must watch Bad Seed. Metcalfe's in-depth look at how society reached a point where we deny people in pain relief— without side effects—simply because that relief comes from a plant is an eye opener.

"It's just a seed, you put it in the ground and it grows" ..