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automatic drip for seed starting marijuana

In a closed circuit, the plants feed on the nutrients in the tank, meaning that the EC levels are gradually reduced as the plants are fed. It’s in these cases that controlling the EC is essential.

Digital timer in minutes: A digital timer that allows us to control irrigation with a minimum time of 1 minute and a maximum of 24 hours. This timer is responsible for starting and stopping the irrigation pump automatically, according to the users settings.

Pretty much every grower starting out in cannabis cultivation will usually irrigate by hand, but how can we simplify this task?

Tips and tricks when using a pH pump

End cap: The final stopper as its name indicates is a cap that is fitted, normally, at the end of the secondary branches to avoid water leaks and to create the water pressure that allows it to exit through the microtubing and dripper stakes.

In this setup, the irrigation water has been drained away, meaning it is not recovered and reused once it has left the nutrient tank. Coco fibre, clay balls, rockwool and in general all hydroponic substrates can be used in recirculation, but it is preferable to drain the solution to avoid altering the nutrient solution in the tank, in particular with coco fibre, rockwool and soil .

Automatic irrigation can be as simple or as complex as we like, depending on the requirements of each grower and the aspects that they want to control, such as the pH or EC. Watering each plant with the same amount of water, using short waterings will mean that the plants will feed well while maintaining a high degree of oxygenation in the roots and preventing the plants from the extremes of drying out or being flooded with water.

Automatic irrigation in cannabis cultivation

If you’re growing in soil it can be hard to get the timing right, and if you mess it up twice in a row your plants will suffer quite a lot, which is why we recommend using a different kind of substrate with better water drainage if you want to use this automatic system.

Automatic watering is as easy as having at least a 2L tank per plant. You can even prepare enough water for a week, so the most you need to use is 1.5L per plant for 7 days – this is perfect as a week is about how long mineral nutrients can last in water without going bad – if you use organic nutrients you might end up blocking the pipes and you’ll also need to mix them every day as they won’t last more than 24h in the water without going bad.

Automatic Watering for your Cannabis Grow – Material needed

You need to program the watering so that when it waters, it only gives your plants the amount of water they need for one day – you can’t water a 10cm plant with two whole liters as you’d end up soaking the soil, the roots will rot and you’ll probably end up with a dead or hardly productive plant.

In this article we’re going to talk about how to set up automatic watering for your cannabis grow, something that can genuinely be a lifesaver for growers that have spent years hand-watering their plants.

Each time you need to fill the tank up again pay attention to how your plants react; if they’re soaked, if they’re too dry, anything that could indicate you need to change your method or water them more/less. They should grow massively and if you’re using slabs they can grow so big that you’ll have to water them up to 3 times a day.