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autoflowering marijuana seeds from canada

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Autoflowering marijuana seeds are a kind of cannabis that won’t depend on the light cycle for them to flower. There’s no need for you to watch for the light change in your grow room because they will automatically flower. They have shorter flowering period thus if you want to harvest quick then this is the marijuana strain for you.

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Black Widow Auto Flowering marijuana strain is a hybrid with a mixture of cannabis sativa and a higher percentage of cannabis.

Find cannabis seeds based on key characteristics such as High THC or High CBD.

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Last but not least on our list of best Canadian seed banks is Sonoma Seeds. Sonoma Seeds is based on the West Coast and guarantees truly high-quality products.

The Rocket Seeds site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. They lay out their extensive range in an organized way, which makes it easier to wade through the amazing assortment of choices. Sort to find what you need by strain type, growth characteristic, or based on other factors.

Bonus tips for ILGM:

Is it legal to buy Cannabis seeds in Canada? Are there specific laws around seeds?

A: You can choose strains of cannabis seeds for indoor and outdoor cultivation depending on your available space.

We also love the ILGM knowledge base, a massive strain database and selection of guides that allows you to determine which cannabis seeds will work best for your grow. You can also get expert growing advice in the active forum.