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autoflower marijuana seed california

A very sugary variety adored by all gourmets who have a soft spot for sweet things! Its superb, smooth taste with earthy undertones has quickly become a favorite in many states. A fairly accurate representation of the “real” OG flavor.

Bruce Banner Auto has sweet, citrus and earthy aromas. The trip is relaxing and potent, with Sativa-dominant genes (60:40 Sativa / Indica ratio) delivering a massive dose of THC: almost 29% in some tests. It provides a euphoric effect, combined with intense creativity and a generally good mood. Bruce Banner is a very effective pain reliever, but it’s also good for anxiety, depression, nausea and insomnia.

Effects, taste and odor

Gelato Auto induces love after the first hit. Gelato Auto descends from the now-famous Gelato, and this hybrid consists of a slightly higher proportion of Sativa genetics.

Blue Dream Auto is a strain that has inherited the taste and aromatic properties of its parents and is sure to delight you with its delicious, floral, berry aroma. Their incredible and long-lasting powerful effects create clear awareness and a positive mood.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower can’t wait to grow, but just like with baking, you have to take your time to achieve this chocolate mint treat. GSC stands out as one of the best and most exotic strains of recent years, a true masterpiece that thrives in rich California soil

California Orange autoflowering marijuana seeds thrive indoors where their environment can be carefully monitored. Plants can reach towering heights, up to six feet tall in some cases, and display tight buds and a leafy structure. A little knowledge on stress training will go a long way to improve the quality and quantity of your eventual yield, which you’ll be able to harvest after between 50-60 days of flowering.

Aside from its refreshing aroma, California Orange is known for providing an uplifting, clear-headed high, though it can drift into relaxation (thanks to the indica) if a heavier hand is used when dosing. Coming on fast but not overwhelming, Cali-O (as it is sometimes known) can level even the hottest head. Not long after your first hit, the cerebral effects will kick in, offering a heightened focus and clarity of mind.

Fruity fresh like a burst of California sunshine, California Orange autoflowering marijuana seeds are easy to grow and easy to smoke. With 15% THC, you’ll enjoy deep relaxation and clear-headed euphoria with this sweet tasting strain.


Few cannabis strains have developed the kind of reputation and staying power as California Orange, a classic that dates back to at least the 1980s. A classic 50/50 split hybrid with 15% THC, the sweet citrus scent calls to mind the rows and rows of orange fields or a fresh squeezed glass of juice.

California Orange also proves itself useful for patients struggling with mental health concerns like depression and stress, soothing the mind while it calms the body. The sativa-driven energy boost may help combat fatigue, and even help cope with mild aches and pains.

Enjoy a little California Orange in the morning, noon, or night – order California Orange autoflowering marijuana seeds now!