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auto feminized bruce banner marijuana seeds for sale

Warm, sunny and dry is what Bruce Banner loves when being grown outdoors and it is best planted by early June for late September harvest. This strain grows quite fast so it is possible to turn multiple crops per season with staggered planting. Regular watering and feeding will keep your plants healthy and strong. Help keep away hungry pests like spider mites with regular trimming. This also makes it more difficult for powdery mildew to take hold. Doing these simple things makes your plants happy and happy plants produce great yields. Well cared for Bruce Banner plants can produce as much as half a pound each.

Typical of nearly every marijuana strain, the cerebral effects tend to be the first to kick in. From the first toke, Bruce Banner hits hard with a happy euphoria that wraps up behind your eyeballs. The familiar pressure on the temples is next and soon followed by an almost warming of the spine. Smiles broaden and giggle fits can occur. Creativity increases and you’ll have the energy to do something with it. Great for midday and early evening use when you want to unwind while also remaining productive.


If you’ve never dipped a strawberry in a gas tank, then you are not missing out! Try out Bruce Banner and save yourself the trouble. Enjoy the strain’s flavors of strawberries, lemons, hazelnuts and diesel instead.

Auto Purple Kush fem is a fan favorite in nearly every cannabis community circle and for good reason. It is a cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani making it a pure indica and does it ever have that pure indica effect. If you can’t sleep, this one’s for you. Purple Kush has long been known as a strong sedative that produces a warm, fuzzy feeling before lulling you off to sleep. The flavor is reminiscent of grape cough syrup without the medicine taste and the aroma is a mixture of sweet grapes and earth.

Auto Gorilla Glue #4 fem was named for its ability to clog up trimming scissors better than the namesake adhesive itself. Famed for its resin production, GG#4 has a massive THC content of twenty four percent. Parented by Chem’s Sis, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dudd, this strain has proven to have incredible medicinal qualities. Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis can all be greatly helped with the strain. Effective for minor pain, chronic pain and even anxiety, GG#4 has proven to be an incredible strain.

The perfect effect for those who want to stop overthinking minor problems that don’t let you focus and get your stuff done or for those who don’t want to deal with stress in general. After taking the first hit you’ll instantly feel a happier state of mind, even if you’re already happy, and feel relaxed for hours on end while boosting creativity, ideal for alleviating anxiety, pain, or just get rid of negativity and get your stuff done.

Bruce Banner Auto grows tall and bushy, developing thin-fingered and relatively large fan leaves coming out of everywhere, and a tall main cola that can reach up to 150cm in height surrounded by several side branches. Thanks to the meticulous selection and breeding, this variety exhibits the best of both worlds; An overall tall variety with long and homogeneous side branches that get enveloped in buds by harvest and a compact structure that makes it possible for everyone to grow it, despite its height.

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It’s essential you have enough space to accommodate a huge plant if you want to avoid further into the grow cycle. Due to the large and bushy foliage, it’s recommended to space out the branches by tying them down or by growing under a Scrog net, this way you make sure light reaches all the flowering sites and air passes through the flowers, avoiding mold and underdeveloped buds. Remember to have your trim bin ready when trimming because by the end of flowering all the sugar leaves and even some of the bigger leaves will be covered by a thick layer of resin that makes for strong and super tasty extractions.

Expect almost light-green stacked flowers and chunky calyxes with dark brown hairs all over and a few almost lime-green leaves coming out of them, this strain stands out for the impressive resin production that creates a layer so thick, that leaves the buds looking like they’re completely white. An amazing strain for those looking for exceptional aromas thanks to the delicate yet pungent smell of fresh forest berries mixed with notorious diesel terps and a touch of sweetness that will happily surprise even the most experienced terp-hunters.

A complex terpene profile that may seem simple when grinding the nugs but as soon as you take the first toke you’ll be hit with multiple flavors that resemble those of a true gassy strain but with less citrusy terps and a distinctive sweetness blended with an earthy fresh berry taste that takes it to the next level and smoothes out the smoke.