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auto cbd shiskaberry x candida 1 2 marijuana seeds

Shiskaberry x Candida CBD is a variety with a higher CBD content than THC (1: 2), cannabis seeds. Shiskaberry x Candida CBD is a medical grade cannabis strain that helps reduce stress levels.

Shiskaberry x Candida CBD Fast is our version of the medical cannabis strain.

The high value of CBD in this seasonal variety affects the effectiveness of this strain in the fight against insomnia, nausea, the fight against acute and chronic pain, neurodegenerative diseases.

Genes: (Shiskaberry x Candida) x Carmen

It is a variety with quite fruity smoke, thanks to the shiskaberry genes you can feel the notes of grapes, berries and jasmine.

MM Genetics was founded to provide access to CBD dominant cannabis genetics. Working closely with award-winning breeders and cannabis experts from across Europe, MM Genetics created Candida with its extremely high CBD to THC ratio of 20:1.

The laboratory tests of MM Genetics flagship strain Candida revealed a CBD count of 20% with a THC count of under 1%. This percentage is the highest known count in a CBD-rich phenotype ever created in Europe.

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