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For example, in 2018, Aida (a pastry shop) started selling cakes with CBD in them. However, they were banned from doing so, as the government have stated that the inclusion of CBD in foods or cosmetics is prohibited.

The law regards the sale and supply of cannabis as a much more serious offence. If the individual is caught trafficking large quantities (defined as 15 times the threshold quantity), they are liable to receive:

Toni Straka, of the Hemp Institute, commented: “We have a strange legal situation. Consumption of a (cannabis) joint is forbidden, but the selling of the hemp plant as a room air quality improver or a decorative plant is allowed.” He estimated that around 300,000 seedlings are sold in the country every month.

Can cannabis seeds be sent to Austria?

Since 2016, use of cannabis hasn’t been listed as a criminal offence; which effectively decriminalises it. However, possession of any drugs can be punished with up to six months in prison or a fine; providing the amount of cannabis is below the threshold. The threshold is defined by a Ministry of Health decree, and is currently set at 20 grams of THC (pure substance) or 40 grams of THCA. The maximum sentence for possession of amounts that exceed ‘personal use’ is one-year imprisonment.

The hemp industry is thriving in many parts of the country. For example, in Hanfthal (which translates as ‘Hemp Valley’), around 70 hectares of hemp are grown, and there is a museum and information centre, which details the 900-year hemp growing traditions of the area.

Cannabis is widely grown in the country as a result of this law. Some large-scale growers, when brought before the court, have successfully argued that their plants had yet to flower, and managed to avoid a prison sentence. In fact, the law doesn’t actually define the emergence of flowers and seed heads as evidence of intent to use for drug-manufacture or sale.

In 2008, the Narcotic Substances Act was amended, to better fit with EU legislation. The amended version permitted the cultivation of cannabis in order to extract ‘active substances’ to use in medicinal preparations.

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Apart from this, if the case is intense and seized amount is intended to sell, or if a minor is involved then this imprisonment can even go up to three years.

Apart from this, medical marijuana enthusiasts in the country have quite relaxed laws as medical cannabis remains legal. Although even for medicinal cannabis, there are certain guidelines, which we will be discussing later.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seed Bank

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Yet cannabis cultivation for smoking or other recreational purpose remains illegal. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of the regional or local laws before indulging in any cannabis activities.

After medical legalization in the country, medical patients with certain medical symptoms were permitted to obtain cannabis medication after a physician’s prescription.

In spite of the fact that it is not allowed, there are still other countries that legalized and give importance to cannabis industry. This is because they are open with the fact that cannabis is good and very beneficial as well. Austria is one of the countries that legalize marijuana seeds and use it for medical purposes. Austria’s parliament has adopted a new bill allowing the cultivation of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes, under the health ministry’s control. The bill, approved by parliament during a late-night session Wednesday, will give the health and food safety agency AGES the exclusive right in Austria to grow the plant, which is otherwise categorized as a drug.

In some countries, distribution of cannabis is strictly prohibited. There are punishments implemented for those who will be caught selling and buying cannabis and marijuana seeds. Possession which includes the act of smoking is punishable by prison time of up to one year.

The Austrian pain studies association, Michael Bach welcomed the new legalization, saying that any initiative that makes it possible to develop and provide new drugs for pain therapy is welcome. He also added those substances that drawn from cannabis have been used for medical purposes more and more in the last few years. However, for those people who use cannabis for recreational purposes only with no responsibility will still be punished, possession of or dealing in cannabis incurs a 6 month prison sentence in Austria. Austria legalized cannabis for good purpose which is for medical use. They are still against to those who are not using it productively. There are already many people who have testified with the effectiveness of cannabis in healing different kinds of diseases. The cannabis industry has helped Austria not only economically but for Medical purposes also. The Cannabis industry in Austria is getting stronger as people are disciplined and determined to help in rising up. The important thing is it used in proper and productive way that is right to legalize. Now, Austria is being known for producing good quality and variety kind of cannabis, despite the harmful effects that it could give, Austria are still confident that cannabis seeds is certainly beneficial.