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australian blue marijuana seeds

This strain is a blue haze bred, with the Australian Boesi also known as Duck as the mother crossed first with the delicious tasting and high potent Azura and afterwards crossed again with Jack also known as Light of Jah, a multiple award winning strain. This continuous crossing after four careful selections from marijuana seeds resulted to this powerful 90% Aussie Blues marijuana seed.

The plants grow to be a tall and bushy with high level of THC, 15 to 20%. The strain is well suitable to indoor gardening especially with hydroponic cultivation. But this can also be grown outdoors.

Aussie Blues Weed Seeds

If you want to experience the Australian Blues, smoke this grass. Order yours today from Mary Jane’s Garden seed bank.

The best for growing indoors and can grow to over 5 feet outdoors.

If you want to smoke a type of weed that will give you a heightened sense of happiness; Aussie Blues marijuana is guaranteed to give you just that. Aussie Blues weed seeds are easy to grow indoors and you don’t even need to worry about the mess that soil would leave on your kitchen counter. It can be grown under hydro cultivation and expect it to flower in 10 – 11 weeks time.

Aussie blues and 10% Indicia 90% Sativa genetics, a strain of marijuana is mostly Sativa. When grown-up outsides, it develop up to 8 feet, and 39 inches extended when completely developed, like a Christmas tree insides, it branches out, when grown-up, and it has narrow leaves – appear to be a Sativa plant. Bluish-gray color really could be more than an intense blue, the Blueberry Heritage simply be noticed by the blue color of the bud.

This seed develop into a tall and bushy cannabis plant. Grows up to 110 cm is in height. It has a high THC content of 15% to 20%. Excellent under is lights or hydroponics.

How to grow Aussie Blues

Futures of Aussie Blues

Aussie Blues has a lemon taste and flavor, and for the reason that it is a Sativa- dominant strain, high in a typical Sativa high – even psychedelic, giggly, powerful, and uplifting. It does not cloud the mind, and it could even alert users more. It is used to dealing with insomnia strain of marijuana is not best, but it’s a best feeling to its users, and sometimes it will not be used medically to relieve chronic pain, which is a variety of plant daytime.

Australian Blue is a 90/10 Sativa – Indica Hybrid is a mix of Blue Haze and Australian Duck . Outdoor growers need to be in moderately warm temperatures, but indoor growth works well in colder areas. Growers take note that Australian Blue Strain prefers soil. If grown correctly, patients enjoy a balanced Sativa experience. Patients report an active mind and the creative juices flowing. The Australian Blue experience is relaxed without putting the patient to sleep.