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aurora indica marijuana seed

The flavor of Aurora Indica is pretty typical for crosses with Indica dominance. You will sense the pungent smell of wood with earthy notes. Also, some users report sensing hints of orange and melon or pine, depending on phenotype development. This strain is definitely a couch locker. That relaxing bodily effect that you seek in any Indo high will manifest itself here. This strain provides a nice company for cerebral calmness and you will also notice the slight psychedelic notes.

As a hybrid of Afghani and Northern Lights, the Aurora Indica seeds develop into relatively short plants with wide long leaves. This hybrid is nice and easy to grow, even if you are just making your first steps in cultivating weed seeds. The Aurora Indica seeds plant will reward your naturalist interest with oblong buds covered in white resin crystal powder. Even veterans will appreciate this strain from the first puff. A decent level of THC (14-19%) speaks for itself. Cultivate this funny pike in the open or use hydro. You will achieve your own level of calmness in the way you prefer.

Aurora Indica seeds absolutely love poor soils, thanks to the Afghani side of the family. This marijuana strain is well-known as a tiny bushy plant with good genetics. Sometimes it develops one main cola.

Medicinal Application

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The main attribute of Aurora Indica seeds, in the medical sense, is the plant’s ability to relieve nausea. Additional true-to-type options are characteristic of many medical cannabis strains with a high THC level. Doctors can prescribe Aurora Indica to you if you are suffering from chronic pain, cramps, migraines or having difficulties with getting fast asleep. You can also help yourself to increase your appetite by smoking Aurora Indica.

Although you can’t call this almost pure Indo hybrid a high-yielder, it delivers very resinous high-quality yields decorated with long sharp leaves. The easy level of cultivation is a strong quality of Aurora Indica seeds strain, too. Just make sure you know how to create the required condition for your green friend indoors. As an Afghani child, Aurora Indica will appreciate the warm temperature and continental-like microclimate. If you are deciding to buy Aurora Indica seeds for outdoor growing, have no fear and apply this method for the strain.

A descendant of the famous Northern Lights and Afghani, the Aurora Indica strain aims to glorify its ancestors. You will remember the flavor of kine. Aurora Indica seeds are a gift for first-timers due to the easiness of growing. Get ready to meet the psychedelic high: it rises like the dawn.

Aurora Indica is a 90% indica dominant hybrid that is a real powerhouse when it comes to potency. She remains short in height and yields rock hard buds, meaning she is ideal for beginner growers with limited space looking for a fast flowering variety.

Genetics: By crossing Afghani and Northern Lights together, Aurora Indica inherited the tough resilience and growth structure of her parents. This F1 hybrid will be able to take cold and wet weather meaning she performs well in colder climates, however due to the density of the biomass from her buds, be vigilant of mould late into the flowering stage. Aurora Indica will grow bushy, uniform plants that require little maintenance, meaning this strain is best suited for Sea of Green setups in comparison to SCROG.

Experiencing this strain: Smoking Aurora Indica will have an immediate effect, thanks to her full blooded indica nature. Certainly a couch locking strain, so recommended for evening use to avoid feeling sleepy all day. Her effects will cause eyelids, arms and legs to become heavy followed by an urge to eat.

Her flavours are very bold and earthy, with overtones of pepper and herbal spices. Aurora Indica is a good choice for chilling out at home with friends taking it easy. Medical patients may find this hybrid to be one of the most therapeutic strains Nirvana offer, as she may help with relieving inflammation, aches and pains and symptoms of insomnia.

Strain Characteristics: Because of her indica dominance, you can expect Aurora Indica to grow with a low profile during the growing phase of 18/6, and when flowered will not stretch much. Not only does this strain do very well when grown closely together, she is also well recommended for growers with limited height. Aurora Indica will grow with thick fingered fan leaves with very short internodal spacing.

Almost all the seeds from the Indica strains sold at this company will be feminized so as to improve their cross breeding features and enhance the yield production. Indica is one of the potent strains of weeds and hence the fast flowering character of the seeds will never fail to provide wonderful result for the growers.

Aurora Indica cannabis seeds, is a typical Indica dominant plant with all its popular aspects, high level THC as well as CBD will blow your mind.

They Produce Dense Buds with Spicy Aroma

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

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