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are marijuana seeds illegal in south africa

Really…..are you that naive? The SAPS can’t even control what’s happen out side the station door, never mind what’s happening in the bush, what a load of rubbish…..IT MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT POISONED.

Thank you Seshata and Sensiseeds for this excellent article on South Africa.

The government issued a statement stating that: “Cultivation of medicinal cannabis will be aimed at ensuring the supply of a standardised, quality-assured product for medical, scientific and clinical research purposes.” They also highlighted that “the cannabis produced, as well as any resulting products, will remain subject to stringent security and quality control measures.”

Cannabis history

It’s thought that the Arab, Indian and Portuguese traders first brought cannabis to East Africa – some time from the 900s to the 1400s. It spread southwards into South Africa, largely because of the indigenous tribespeople living there at the time, especially Bantu tribes like the Swahili.

What a load of bovine manure…. poisoned… do you know how idiotic that even sounds?

We look to Europe often for inspiration and to learn from your more advanced cannabis activism and general acceptance in society.

It is now legal to cultivate cannabis for personal use, in a ‘private place’. Therefore, it’s legal to purchase and possess seeds, even if it’s for growing cannabis plants. You can also receive seeds legally in the post from other countries.

So what now?

Where do I get seeds from?

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