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are marijuana seeds illegal in ireland

Ireland now stands as a perfect example of the failure of cannabis prohibition. Cannabis use is still widespread, despite strict criminalisation and escalating gangland violence. Ireland was one of the first nations to show a scientific interest in cannabis. Could Ireland now be about to change its cannabis laws?

Green Party leader and former government minister Eamon Ryan says jurisdictions that have introduced regulation of cannabis have seen positive outcomes. He says the current system is “feeding gangland culture” and that regulating cannabis would be best for overall harm reduction. The initial response to this new Green policy has been surprisingly positive. Self-selecting polls placed public support for their proposals at 76% on Newstalk and 91% on the Irish Independent.


This so-called “land of the green” has actually been quite strict against cannabis. But now, Ireland is reconsidering its attitude toward cannabis with several proposals to change the law. Here is an Irish writer’s report on the political factors at play.

Another small political party happened to announce an even more ambitious policy the weekend of Vera Twomey’s speech. The Green Party only holds two seats in the current parliament of 158 seats. They have been in government before, and could potentially be part of a coalition government after a future election. Part of their platform will be this document outlining their cannabis policy. Another coincidence with this announcement is that it happened the same weekend as the Australian Green Party announced their policy to legalize cannabis.

Ireland has traditionally been a socially conservative country. It also has a political system where the government always features one of two conservative political parties with almost identical policies. As recently as 2013, a bill from Luke “Ming” Flanagan TD to legalize cannabis was voted down in parliament by a crushing margin of 111 to 8. In that context, approval of recreational cannabis does not look likely. Then again, Flanagan has since been elected to the European Parliament. And Ireland now seems capable of more rapid social change than before.

Can u have a word with the scottish government ireally hope this goes through a good way to open the doors glad the other uk governments are looking into it but not recreational shame its definatly moving onwards just not fast enough.

Any trace of THC is illegal in CBD products.

Oklahoma approved the legalization of medical marijuana just last month, but if the nonprofit organization Green the Vote has their way, voters will have the opportunity this November to legalize the plant for all uses.

Attitudes to cannabis

Imagine only being permitted to buy a certain number of alcohol units per week?

Cannabis was legalised for medical use in 2014. The license was limited to just one product, Sativex, and it could only be prescribed to MS patients. Ongoing disagreements regarding pricing and distribution mean that, at the time of writing, Ireland has yet to issue a single prescription for it.

I’m not sure of this professor’s name, think it may be Paul Kelly. He was an advisor to þhe government on drug affairs. He did a report on Mountjoy prisoners a 10 year period, I think!. Any way his conclusion was that cannabis was NOT a Gateway drug.

CBD is classed as a Food Suppliment. Therefore is subject to this law and the Food Safety Authority Of Ireland.