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Despite having overwhelming longevity compared to most cannabis seed banks today, Barney’s Farm shows no sign of declining in popularity. They continuously create new strains of cannabis with top-notch quality.

Their seed stock contains a large number of different strains of cannabis so growers with different levels can find the cannabis strain that is right for them. They also provide seeds at the most competitive rates and so MSNL Seedbank is also the ideal seed buying place for growers who want to save money.

#4 (Amsterdam Seed Bank) Green House Seed Company – Most successful cannabis company with award-winning cannabis seeds

However, on the general level, the views of the Australian government and people about cannabis have also changed a lot. In 2016, the Australian Parliament passed a law, which for the first time the country allows the cultivation of cannabis for scientific research and professional activities of the health sector.

Crop King Seeds are currently the top pick for cannabis enthusiasts around the world, not excluding Australia. They have stockpiles with largest selection of feminized, autoflowering and regular cannabis seeds. They also offer dozens of cup and other popular cannabis strains.

This seed bank delivers genetically stable cannabis seeds with maximum freshness to the customers’ hands. They preserve the seeds very carefully and strive to transport the seeds as quickly as possible so they stay fresh. Because freshness greatly affects the germination rate of the seed.

That’s why successful Aussie’s shop at Amsterdam Marijauana Seeds for all their cannabis seed needs. They are Australia’s Legit Seed Bank for the past 20 years.

Seed Banks that ShipTo Australia

Legit Aussie Seed Bank

We love to help fellow cannabis lovers. Feel free to send us an email with any questions you may have. We will be happy to help you with all your cannabis grow questions too.

Seed banks that ship to Australia. Legit Aussie seed banks includes us and Australian Seed bank. For all our Aussie Customers, we’re your marijuana seed bank that ships cannabis seeds to Australia. We take extra care by using a sophisticated stealth shipping method with a 100% delivery guarantee.

You can also buy seeds from Australian Seed Bank inside Australia, having your seeds delivered by your local postie.