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Recall how we talked about how weed seeds in their natural cycle can produce either a male or female plant? Well the reverse is the case here. With feminized seeds, you are certain of the sex of the plant (female). This way, you are guaranteed a bountiful yield without the challenges of scrutinizing for males or having grown males pollinate the females in your field.

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Ordering your high quality cannabis seeds at AMS. Marijuana, MMJ, Maryjane, Cannabis or whatever name you know it by has taken the world by storm, with more and more countries accepting cannabis seeds. The quality of the cannabis seed that births the plant is crucial to determining how effective your cannabis buds will turn out. We have a huge assortment of well sorted cannabis seeds for sale at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. Our unique strains of cannabis seeds are high yielding, highly potent and they are every growers delight. We have in stock, both Indica and Sativa variants rich in THC and a diverse array of terpene profiles.

What kind of cannabis seeds we offer

Autoflowering Seeds : Autoflowers are a marvel. These unique breeds developed through environmental adaption and as a survival mechanism. But to make it even better, at AMS we have engineered the seeds to be more resilient and high yielding to meet the demands of growers.

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As always, we are the leaders of the pack. And with us, you would find almost all cannabis strains and strain variants there are in the cannabis world. We bank every cannabis seed type known and variant ever curated. We offer for sale: Regular cannabis seeds, Autoflowering cannabis and Feminized cannabis seeds variant for all categories of farmers.

We cater to all. Take a look and choose from any of our regular , feminized or autoflowering cannabis strain variants. Our cannabis seeds meet the requirements of all levels of growers, from the beginner levels to full commercial farmsteads.

With the ideal that the cannabis plant could do wonders, the safest cure that mankind has found, Soma has provided a wide range of quality cannabis strains to the Amsterdam cannabis community and more.

ILGM offers the highest quality seeds to customers. In particular, they also help ensure germination for customers. Their seed stockpile contains a wide variety of cannabis strains and growers can find most cannabis strains.

#10 Soma Seeds – Excellent high-grade organic cannabis seeds

They also use and select parental plants with the best quality and stable genetics to produce seedlings. The manual harvesting process ensures the seeds are thoroughly tested before they are put on the market.

The owner of the Flying Dutchmen Seeds is an old hand at the marijuana trade. He has a real understanding and grasp of cannabis and this industry. So Flying Dutchmen Seeds are one of the top places to buy cannabis in the Amsterdam cannabis community.

Dutch Passion Seeds is a very famous name in the cannabis community in the Netherlands and in many countries around the world. They are a long-established and experienced seed bank in the cannabis industry.