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Are you among those who jump in excitement when they hear about 420? Well, those celebrations shouldn’t be complete without having your strains on your farm.

Now that these cannabis seeds carry our name, you can be sure that in addition to getting a price discount, you will also get uncompromised quality.

Regular Price: (US) $ 197.00

AMS Supreme Auto-Fem

We undeniably are the experts in providing pieces of advice to our customers to make their cannabis cultivation a breeze. Put simply; we are one of those few seed banks that don’t worry about how the customer gets experienced. Necessarily, if you are a beginner and would like to know that cannabis plant that best fits your experience level and the climatic conditions in your place, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The cost of 20 seeds as of the moment is $170, which helps us in concluding that most of our customers like the 20-seeds packs due to this enormous price discount. Don’t be left behind in seizing this generous opportunity, too.

We also ensure that you save to the maximum regardless of any package of this strain that incorporates the availability of 11 distinct genetics. 5 super-quality seeds cost $60. If you purchase the 10-seeds pack, you can be sure to save a whopping 17% and get the seeds at the cost of $100. The case is entirely different if you purchase the 20 seeds pack. It’s unimaginable that you save up to 29% of the initial price!

Now, let’s assume you came the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds way after reading what reviews on Trust Pilot say about us. Do you see that you will be in the best chance to save yourself from losing cash, emotional torture, and of course, saving on time that would otherwise get used in following the progress of your order?

Click on the pictures for more information and ordering (prices are for 10 regular seeds, unless specified as feminized or autofem, though packs of 5 and 20 seeds are available for many strains).

Mother of All Buds

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The growing of marijuana is allowed in some countries provided it is for medical use. Some countries have legislation prohibiting the growing of pot unless permits are obtained beforehand. Other countries have very restrictive legislation that attempts to prevent any of its citizens from cultivating marijuana for any purpose whatsoever.