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amnesia lemon fast marijuana seeds

Seed Type: Fast Version Photo Period

CBD Content: under 1%

AMNESIA LEMON is a great Strain with very slightly more dominance towards Indica genetics. This strain can be sedative with a nice relaxing effect on the body, but without completely tranquilising you. AMNESIA LEMON is a powerful strain that will make your troubles float away with a nice dreamy effect. AMNESIA LEMON is a good one for the early evening as it will relax you without putting you to sleep. Balanced strains are really good as they give you the best of both worlds in effect making you relax and keeping you happy. Some people think of Indica and Sativa as like Yin and Yang with a balanced strain keeping you balanced in life, both in body and mind.

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THC Content: 18-23%

AMNESIA LEMON FAST V Fast Version finishes 1-2 weeks faster than the original strain, but retains most of the original features. There will be a very slight reduction in yield and THC Content, but not more than 10%.

Amnesia Lemon is around 60% Indica dominant mostly coming from Afghanistan, but has a mix of sativa genetics originating from South Asia, Jamaica, Mexico and Columbia. Plants grow with an awesome medium dense structure with the best results coming from multiple branches and topping. The even canopy of buds is likely to finish around 110cm in height with good yields of high standard bud. Fan leaves are medium size and well spread out to allow some light penetration around the buds. Amnesia Lemon is for easy to medium level growers but the more advanced will clearly see the better result.

Height: 100-130cm approximately

The Sea of Green (SOG) method, where the plants can be close together, gives you great results. The buds appear not only on the main stem, but also on the side branches and therefore need a kind of support such as bars or poles to carry their own weight. In an indoor grow, you can achieve yields of around 550 grams per square meter under optimum environmental conditions.

Amnesia Lemon is very easy to grow and also manages some fertilizer quantity errors, but it does not need too many nutrients.

The effect of Amnesia Lemon provides a powerful, very balanced and long-lasting effect. She has a psychedelic effect and a physical stoned. The taste and the aroma are very complex. Although lemony dominates, its aroma blends with fresh floral scent and a fruity bouquet of spices and herbs.

This plant usually grows one meter tall and develops very evenly. Therefore, this variety is the perfect option to grow on reduced acreage. Nevertheless, Amnesia Lemon has a sativa appearance and develops many leaves.

Amnesia Lemon Fast Version�by Seeds66 is a feminized marijuana variety created by crossing Skunk # 1 and our famous Amnesia. This variety has a typical sativa high, but its indica genetics make it very easy to grow and it has a shortened flowering time of about 7 – 8 weeks.

Inside and outside
Genotype: hybrid
THC: 20-22% CBD 0.5-0.9%
Genetics: Skunk # 1 x Amnesia
Flowering time: 50 to 60 days
Harvest: middle to end of September
Yield: up to 550 g / m�