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amnesia blueheadband marijuana seeds

Amnesia Blue Headband is often used to help people with depression and stress. It also helps with insomnia, nausea, and pain.

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Amnesia Blue Headband marijuana provides a strong relaxing effect on the user’s body and an inspirational effect on the mind. The flavor is sweet and earthy, with notes of berries.

Medicinal Application

Amnesia Blue Headband seeds are comparatively easy to grow, the only thing these seeds need is a warm Mediterranean climate if your bush is planted outside. Apart from that – there are no special requirements. Amnesia Blue Headband seeds can grow outdoors as well as indoors, rewarding users with a yield of 1.5-1.6 oz per ft².

Amnesia Blue Headband seeds represent high-quality marijuana strains like Amnesia, Blueberry, and Headband. These cannabis seeds are a quite rare phenotype. It’s quite hard to find them in any seed bank, but you can always buy Amnesia Blue Headband seeds online at our website! They won’t leave you disappointed.

Amnesia Blue Headband seeds are not the type of weed seeds you can easily find everywhere. This combination of the best parent strains gave the world 50/50 hybrid marijuana (though there is the opinion that Amnesia Blue Headband seeds have Indica dominance), with a fast flowering period, generous yields, and big dense buds covered in resin. This strain has a strong but not skunky earthy fragrance with noticeable hints of berries and sweet.

If you use too much of this weed, you may experience the following unpleasant effects: anxiety, dizziness, paranoia, dry mouth and eyes.

Karin Martin – April 14, 2021

Amnesia Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain that’s very easy to grow. It can produce average yields and can be grown in almost all environments. It flowers fast in just 8 to 10 weeks, giving you berry and sweet-flavored buds. Use this energetic strain to deal with stress, migraines, arthritis, anxiety, and depression.

More About Amnesia Blue Head Band (fem)

Growing with a height of around 120 to 150 centimeters, Amnesia Blue Head Band feminized marijuana seeds can prosper even in growing environments with confined vertical spaces. It forms a dense frame that urges it to require enough lateral space as well as regular trimming.

In rearing the plant indoors, the use of Sea of Green will maximize the yield as much as 500 grams for every square meter. However, the growing conditions are maintained in the ideal range during the entire period of the flowering phase. The temperature should be kept within 21 to 26 degrees Celsius, while the RH level should be within 40 to 50 percent.

Vicente Kimbrough – April 8, 2021