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These seeds come from one female and one male parent. As a result, there is a 50/50 chance that the plant will be the feminized version that carries all of those wonderful cannabinoids . As you have no control of the plant’s gender, there is a chance that you’ll waste weeks waiting for the gender to be revealed.

In the treaty, marijuana is classed as an illegal substance, but marijuana seeds are not illegal. As international law takes precedence over a country’s own laws, cannabis seeds are technically legal in all 180 countries. Alas, it isn’t as easy as that, and it is much safer to purchase seeds from one European country than another. Here’s a look at marijuana seed laws in a few major European nations:

There are three distinct types of marijuana seeds.

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You should purchase feminized seeds instead of their regular counterparts. These seeds have no male chromosomes and are guaranteed to provide resinous bud. In other words, you don’t have to wait for a guarantee which is NOT the case with ‘regular’ seeds.

Indeed, you could get in more trouble for buying seeds from within the U.S. than from an overseas country! This is the reason why most reputable seed banks that you hear about are located in Europe!

What you need is a reputable seed bank that is capable of shipping to numerous states, and understands the need for discretion. Such companies know how to package their goods to evade detection, and if the seeds are confiscated, the firm will either send a new package for free or refund your money.

This type of seed is your best option if you want to grow your weed indoors. These seeds have genetics which evolved in northern Eurasia which means they are strong and sturdy. They are mixed with Cannabis Ruderalis, a plant known for its ability to grow in harsh weather conditions.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Read our reviews on Trustpilot to hear from the worldwide cannabis growing community.

Although US lawmakers are considering legislation that would change things, banks don’t touch anything involving cannabis for fear the federal government might come crashing down on them. Without access to the US banking system, seed banks are limited in the methods they are able to accept payment. Yet, often there are plenty of payment options to choose.

Finding a North American seed bank to buy seeds is easier these days, as both Canada and the US are setting up legal markets. Yet, with the legal waters still muddy in the US, it is still hard to shop confidently when ordering seeds from American seed banks.

Is Weedseedsexpress the Best United States Seed Bank to Use in 2021?

That is the nature of the seed business in America – in a state of frustrating limbo. But fear not our American friends, there are many seed banks that are trustworthy and most importantly ship high-quality cannabis seeds to, and from within, the US.

Despite legalization in many states and the popular support of the American people, marijuana and any product containing THC is still a schedule 1 drug in the eyes of the federal government, right alongside heroin and methamphetamine.

Check out the many online communities and forums discussing the topic of where to buy the best cannabis seeds. There isn’t a more trustworthy recommendation than one from an experienced grower.

Another important question – does the seed bank respect your privacy and personal information? Even in a world where cannabis growing is 100% accepted, you don’t want just anyone knowing your business. Look for a seed bank that ships discreetly and guarantees the shipment will arrive without incident.