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alien gorilla glue marijuana seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 is almost a statement in and of itself. The winner of numerous global and local cannabis competitions, including the High Times Jamaican Cannabis Cup, it is an indica tilted hybrid with incredible THC levels averaging twenty eight percent; one of the strongest strains out there. Co-parent, Alien Technology, mimics the very technology it is named for. Flying almost unnoticed under the radar, its origins are mysterious and unconfirmed. Said to be an original landrace indica that was brought from Afghanistan by a soldier returning home to the USA, it has steadily continued its stealthy advance across the nation and become a highly sought after but very rare strain. The two of them together is indeed something special with THC levels as high as twenty four percent. One thing is for certain, you may just be seeing little green men in the sky when you try Alien Gorilla Glue.

Gorilla Lemon Fire Fem is quite possibly one of the coolest names around. Sweet and sour lemon with pine flavors and a strong fruity, hash scent tantalize the sense from the first hit. Treat pain, stress and anxiety with this strain. Being an exceedingly good mood booster also makes this strain a jewel for treating depression.


Alien Gorilla Glue is a resilient strain that can grow nearly anywhere, however, it does tend to do best in hot humid conditions. Planting in late May will give the roots time to establish before the real summer heat comes. Water regularly and feed organic fertilizer. Being as durable as it is gives the strain a natural resistance to pests and disease. Trimming and pruning regularly will help keep critters at bay and give you the jump on any potential problems. Come mid October when the summer heat has faded and the nights grow longer, your plants will be mature enough for harvest. What a harvest it will be with yields as high as a pound when grown in ideal conditions. You needn’t be an expert to haul in those numbers. All it takes is a little effort and dedication if you’re up for the challenge.

E.T. touched down in a forested area and you may just think you’re there with the earthy pine flavor of Alien Gorilla Glue. It’s pungent and slightly skunky but will not overwhelm the senses.

Some might say Alien Technology Fem comes from the heavens but those in the know, know it comes from Afghanistan. One half of the parents of our topic strain, a pure indica landrace, does not disappoint. Other than its geographical origins, not a lot is known about the strain besides it tastes great, smells great and has an intensely sedating high that lasts for hours.

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Alien Gorilla cannabis seeds boast premium genetic parentage and produces spectacular buds laden with extreme THC after around 65 days flowering. Alien Gorilla is an Indica dominant marijuana strain which gives a balanced physical and relaxing high. Expected yields of 600g/m2 are acheivable indoors. Alien Gorilla seeds have a classic flavour profile of sweet, woody incense with citric notes.

Gorilla Glue #4 has reached legendary status in the world of cannabis strains. Zkittlez is a fruity US West Coast creation with increasing popularity. From those two strains we created Zkittzy Gorilla. Alien Technology has it's own unique story and was created by making selections from a handful of landrace seeds being acquired from a US soldier returning from Afghanistan. From these powerhouses in terms of potency and THC production, Alien Gorilla was born.

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Alien Gorilla looks like something from another planet, solar system, or even galaxy. Her glistening flowers are unlike that of many other strains. Away from the standard green colour, her buds boast mixed shades of green, purple, red, orange, and yellow. These visually stunning flowers are accompanied by large numbers of crystal trichomes, brightly coloured sugar leaves, and dazzling orange calyxes. Offering your close friends and fellow growers a tour of your grow room or garden whilst Alien Gorilla is in full bloom will leave them extremely impressed.

Such an alien-looking variety was crafted by breeding parent strains Zkittzy Gorilla and Alien Technology. The lovechild of these two unique varieties is an indica-dominant lady featuring 65% indica genetics and 35% sativa genetics.

Original Sensible – Alien Gorilla: Sky High THC Levels

Alien Gorilla is a strain for when you fancy something different. Pull this creature out of the stash jar during the evening for a heavy-hitting indica high that will ensure restful sleep.

Blazing up these bizarre buds will induce an immediate stoning high that makes the limbs feel heavy and head feel hazy. The trichomes on these flowers produce enormous amounts of resin, covering the plant in a shiny jacket. This potent resin holds a titanic THC value of 25%, placing Alien Gorilla within the upper echelons of potency. Such a high level of the psychoactive cannabinoid results in an instant high that lasts for hours. Even a small toke of Alien Gorilla will melt users to the couch and stimulate a hefty appetite. Alien Gorilla isn’t a strain for daytime use unless you plan on a day of relaxation and chilling. However, she makes the perfect evening and night time smoke when kicking back and relaxing with a good film and a large dinner.

The large concentration of resin that oozes out of these flowers doesn’t just house cannabinoids. It’s also loaded with a pleasant terpene profile that produces scents and tastes of sweetness, wood, incense, and citrus.