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alex jones marijuana seeds michigan

Apart from breeding, regular seeds are also a source of hardy and reliable genetics. Growers need them when they plan on growing from cuttings. Unlike feminized specimens, regular mother plants provide viable genes that create flourishing and productive clones.

Marula Fruit ticks all of the boxes of a premium regular strain. She offers high levels of THC, tasty terpenes, big yields, and reliable genetics that thrive during the cloning process. After you smoke these sweet buds and experience her relaxing high, you’ll immediately want to start cloning your other plants to ensure a constant supply.

Garlic Mist Regular

Regular cannabis seeds operate just as nature intended. Every time you place a seed in the soil, you’ll experience a 50/50 chance of watching a male or female emerge. Males produce pollen that enables you to breed at home, while females grow strong flowers and viable cuttings to make healthy clones and to skip the germination process.

Pumpkin Kush brings something completely different to the table. Her large buds pack a THC content of 20% alongside aromas of candy, fruit, and earthiness. Her flowers will ripen just as autumn hits, and we’re telling you now that you need to experience her pumpkin flavours in an infused pumpkin spice latte. Savour the taste and buckle up for the intense ride!

After crossing Mango Haze with Sour Diesel, our pro breeders created a progeny with a sativa-dominant genetic profile. She produces small yet dense flowers loaded with trichomes and decorated with dark orange pistils. Her THC content of 16% offers a moderate high that stimulates creativity and deep thoughts, without reducing functionality. Enjoy her buds during the day when working, writing, and getting things done.

Im guess that since Im such a paranoid mofo about doing something like this, its only because I have been in trouble with the authorities..
Been on probation for 2 years, and it was the worst 2 years of my life..

did you know that under the controled substance act it is not illegal to posses stems of "hemp" plants or seeds that have been staralized or are unable to germinate.


well, if you (or your friend) are in AB, I would get the seeds from the vancouover seed bank, they look like they have a huge selection, and to my knowledge, seeds aren’t illegal, sporuting the seeds is illegal.

Bull corn, I’ll swallow my damn seeds.. I know others that have not had to goto such extremes, but Im not taking ANY fucking chances..

Maybe Im just a paranoid maniac, or giving the pigs too much credit. LOL
either way best of luck

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This type of cannabis seed produces a short Indica plant that’s been crossed with the Dallas strain and the Indica strain, which produces and a Normas healed. Not only is the auto-flowering Sweet Tooth plant known for producing high-quality and sturdy buds, but many users report pasting an earthy flavor with hints of flowers and berries.

Male Versus Female Marijuana Seeds: How to Tell the Difference

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