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afghan marijuana seeds online

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Nobody kept the secret with Afghani x Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica. Looks like everyone came to the party here and what a party it is. This globally themed sativa dominant hybrid gives smokers a heightened sense of being with the cognitive focus of a chess master. All while delivering relaxation that melts pain away and seems to make everything right in the world.

Being a pure indica strain, smokers can expect a full-on body numbing buzz that will put you on the couch with a smile on your face. Make sure you have some snack food close at hand to avoid the unnecessary effort of leaving the couch. A sense of calm, uplifted euphoria envelopes the mind as stress dissipates and depression eases. Afghan is best enjoyed in the evening hours due to its sedative effects and it is also an excellent way to say goodbye to the day with a blissful night’s sleep.

Two great strains in one is what you get with Afghan Kush x Super Skunk. An indica dominant with a noticeable sativa component, this strain delivers right out of the gate. A high THC content of nineteen percent produces a strong body numbing buzz and sets the mind at ease. A sweet earthy flavor is accompanied by a skunky, pungent aroma.

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Afghan marijuana seeds will grow well in both indoor and outdoor. By choosing to grow indoors you have much more control over the environment the plant is growing in. A minimum of one 150 watt high intensity sodium discharge lamp is recommended. Timing your lighting for sixteen to eighteen hours a day will give your plants ample time for photosynthesis through the seedling and vegetative state. Gradually bringing down the light exposure to a twelve on, twelve off split will trigger the flowering stage. In a short seven to ten weeks of flowering you will see large kola sized bright green buds on top and slightly smaller buds on the lateral branches. All will be coated in a beautiful creamy amber resin that sticks to your fingers like glue. Provided you pay appropriate attention to your plants you can expect over a pound of ripe cannabis flowers per plant at harvest time.

There are legends in this world and then there are icons. The Afghan Fem strain is both of those and more and hardly a cannabis related conversation goes by without some mention of the strain. After all, the genetics of Afghan have proven as durable as the people that inhabit the Hindu Kush mountains, where the strain originates from. This is an original landrace strain meaning that it has no known parental lineages. A true OG if there ever was one. Strangely, Afghan strain has not garnered any major awards of note, however, it is a parent of many award-winning hybrid strains and it remains a very popular strain within the cannabis community. It is as steeped in lore as its country of origin.

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Relatively minor adverse reactions can happen with Afghan, usually for inexperienced smokers that haven’t yet established their tolerance. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are commonplace and in rare instances mild paranoia, headaches and slight dizziness have been reported.

Afghan can be grown both indoors and outdoors with great results from both methods. Genetics play a major role in the durability of this plant. Originating from a high, dry and windy climate has blessed each and every plant with the ability to flourish nearly anywhere. Considered to be low maintenance, this strain is an ideal teaching tool for novice growers and a staple strain for experienced cultivators. Reaching a stout height of two to three feet with bushy lateral reaching branches it is easily managed and cared for with regular watering, feeding and trimming. Once again the geographical origins of Afghan Fem strain seeds factor heavily into its growth cycle. The harsh climates within which it originated created the necessity of a fast flowering time. Afghan forms large, heavy buds that are coated with crystals making it appear as if it was dusted in confectioners’ sugar. Higher, mountainous regions see shorter amounts of light and experience sudden and often severe weather changes necessitating the need for a faster reproduction time. Generally speaking, the strain flowers in between seven to ten weeks. Patience is a virtue when growing cannabis seeds at home so novice growers will also do well with the shorter flowering times gaining valuable experience in a lessened period of time.

Afghani #1 Regular is very easy to grow, but you should remember that this strain is designed for indoor cultivation. These plants will only thrive outside in a Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers.

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You can expect robust, medium-sized plants with strong branches and lush foliage. Give them at least eight weeks to grow. The flowering phase lasts around seven to nine weeks. Growth is limited, as is typical of indica. You can expect your plants to more or less double in size.

Because Afghani #1 has a long-lasting effect, it is particularly suitable for a chilled-out evening on the sofa. The narcotic stone effect should not be underestimated. Novices may find it soporific.

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Afghani #1 Regular growth pattern

Afghani #1 Regular doesn’t care about trends. As a solid cannabis strain that is perfect for hashish production, Afghani #1 Regular has been delighting growers for decades. Even novices can look forward to a wealth of compact, resinous buds.

The best parent plants of our Afghan strains have been distilled into a single seed strain that delivers prime examples of the indica genotype every time. Growers seeking a fast-growing indoor strain with plentiful yields and formidable resin production will love these seeds. Whether you want consistent harvests from seed or pure indica mother plants for clones, Afghani #1 Regular is the perfect solution!

Cannabis indica may be named after India, but the best examples of these dark, ultra-resinous genotypes grow in the mountains of Afghanistan. Fans call these strains Afghanica or Hash Plant. As the name suggests, they form the basis of high-quality hashish (Charas). Fortunately, there’s no need to travel half-way around the world to get hold of it now. Simply order a few Afghani #1 Regular cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds.