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100 grams of marijuana seed

Our location as shown on the map is intentionally (i.e., within a radius of
20 km) and the photo is from stock footage. Anyone can add their pics, as

The central stage on the European cannabis scene is occupied by Dutch and
Spanish breeders and our intention is to prove that Russian-grown seeds are
not in any sense inferior to those developed in other countries. Frankly
speaking, they are, at times, far better than many of the seeds that are
commercially available from other leading producers. To add credence to this
statement, our company participates in numerous international public cannabis
expositions, and as a result we have gradually developed markets beyond
Russia’s borders.

We began selling our seeds in 2013. Within a short time Kalashnikov Seeds had
become prominent in the post-Soviet union cannabis market and we were
actively competing with many Western seed banks –even in their local
regions. Currently, our seeds are available in seven European countries and
we are always seeking to expand into additional markets.

After many years of experimentation, we have achieved a line of “Express”
strains, in addition to autoflowering and feminized seeds. These are
characterized by a shorter flowering period compared with their feminized

Attention! Express strains are NOT autoflowering. Please do not expect buds
to develop automatically in June! However, Express strains require less
daylight sunshine to enter the flowering stage, which is of comparable
benefit to growing feminized plants. Harvest outdoor in October, two weeks earlier than feminized plants.

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Kalashnikov Seeds is a group of old school growers who are Soviet army
veterans. We have been breeding cannabis seeds in Russia since 2002. We are
based in the Kuban region, which is near Sochi, where we cooperate closely
with partners in Saint Petersburg and in the Far East region (close to
China). All of our strains are the result of cross-breeding AK-47 (Serious
Seeds) clones with Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Eastern European and Afghani
landrace strains.

Thirdly, our cannabis seeds table details the prices of every strain to make it easy for the customer to go by that which aligns with their budget. That way, saving on time gets guaranteed, and pleasure is all ours and the customer’s.

Lastly, the cannabis seed chart below is easy for the reader to analyze. You literally don’t have to crack your head in the quest to find how you can maneuver. The rows and columns get well labeled in such a way that, in a glance, you will find what you are looking as fast as possible.

How to use the AMS Cannabis seed chart

Let’s face it: Your joy as you search for cannabis seeds online today is when you can find what exactly you are looking for without mark timing. This means that should you find a cannabis seed chart; it will undeniably come handy in making your search seamless.

Secondly, we have included every other strain that appears on our “all marijuana strains” category into our weed seed chart. This means that even though it is fantastic to rea every cannabis strain-description that appears on our site, the marijuana seed chart is more of a summary on our every cannabis strain.

So, let’s say you are interested in knowing more about the popular AMS Supreme feminized strain. You would need to cross-check from every row to get the right figures. For instance, if you are interested in knowing the price, you will need to check the price tag, and just like that, you know how much to budget for. With all due honesty, we deserve a pat on the back for coming up with our cannabis seed chart. Also, you can use the AMS cannabis seeds table as a way to compare and contrast a strain with the other. This could mean that you can use different features such as yields, heights, prices, et al. to decide the forge-ahead.