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00 blueberry marijuana seed

Another reason this plant has been around so long is its supreme taste. As the name suggests, expect refreshing, fruity blueberry notes making your mouth water. It really is delicious. Consider that this plant has been around for almost fifty years now and it remains unchanged. Whilst some things move forward, there are certain things which remain, as the future just can’t do them better.

This cannabis classic hardly needs an introduction, having been around since the 80’s and consistently delivering, this cannabis seed is a must for any serious connoisseur. There is a reason that this is one of the most popular cannabis strains on the planet. Almost half a century old, the Blueberry phenotype originated in California, and has survived more or less unchanged to this day. What has it done so right that means breeders have continued to produce it unadulterated, and gained it a place among the cannabis world’s most popular strains? It does everything just right. These beautiful, violet buds contain 19% THC, making them strong, but not overpowering. Being mostly Indica, the effects are deeply relaxing, and it really is a joy to smoke.

Blueberry has a quick life cycle, flowering in under 55 days – a short life cycle being a 00 Seeds trademark. Things get even better, it grows to only 70 or 90cm. This is a small plant which develops fast, making it ideal for those with little time or space. There’s no handing over half your room to some monstrous plant for what feels like years with this plant. Put it in a corner and it will be ready before you know it. However, this strain is too good for impatience, and tender love and care will yield you a hefty 450gr/m2 of top quality Cali bud.

00 Seeds also offer an auto flowering strain, Auto Blueberry. Retaining all the features which make Blueberry so popular, a little tinkering means the approach is a little more hands off. The only real sacrifice is time, the auto flowering alternative take around 75 days to flower, but otherwise retains the same height, potency and flavours as the photoperiod original

Its flowering period is notably fast, due to the Indica influence, and you won’t need to wait more than 55 days to harvest indoors. Expect a high quality crop of large, dense heads glistening with trichomes and emitting an intense aroma.

00 Seeds Blueberry is an Old School cannabis variety created in the 80s and a crucial part of the Blue family of cannabis plants, created in its day by North American breeder DJ short.

This is the most Indica phenotype of the Blueberry line, resulting in plants that are shorter, more compact and more resistant than those of the most Sativa phenotype. This indica-dominant Blueberry finishes at about 90cm high at the end of flowering, making it ideal for growers without much height in their growroom.

This selection of Blueberry from the 00 Seed Bank catalogue is known for producing large, resin-covered flowers with a forest fruit and bluberry-like aroma.

Outdoors we can let plants get larger, becoming very productive according to the climate conditions, and can reach a size of 2.5m with a yield of more than 600g per plant, with harvests getting even bigger in a really good season.

Its effect is pronounced, and its THC level of 19% will result in a euphoric and happy psychoactive effect, gradually becoming physically relaxing as time passes.